Rainforest Alliance Certified Black Tea 25 Tea Bags

Harvested from planations that adheare to stringent guidelines set by the Rainforest Alliance (RFA) Certification body.Tea Gardens that have this certification go through rigorous audits yearly to use the logo on their harvest produced.

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Type of Tea:Black Tea

Tea Bag or Loose Tea: Tea Bag

Contents of Product Package: 25 Cotton Tea bags weighing 2g each, packed into a heatsealed pouch, re-packed into a bio-degradable fiber-based carton.

Type of Tea bag (PT Tea bag, IMA Tea bag or Triangular Tea bag): PT Tea Bag

CBM (Cubic Measurement) per master carton: 0.0130

Number of Master cartons in a 20″ Container: 2,150

Number of Master cartons in a 40″ Container: 4,460

Number of Master cartons in a 40″ HC Container: 5,230

Pure Ceylon Black Tea – Sri Lanka