Black Tea

Sri Lanka is known world over for its black teas of superior quality. With years of dedication to the profession, tea tasters at Mabroc Teas have accumulated the skill and experience to master the know-how of providing a premium range of black tea blends to the connoisseurs of tea.

Green Tea

Enjoy Mabroc's Sri Lankan green teas blended to ancient Chinese green tea recipes. Delicate in character with a soft aroma, Mabroc's green tea is offered in a variety of natural flavourings.

Herbal Tea

Mabroc Herbal Tea range comprises a mixture of ancient Sri Lankan Ayurvedic and Aromatic Herbs that help you maintain a natural balance in your body. An ideal product for the health conscious consumer, the herbal teas are processed and packed at Mabroc's very own factory under strict hygienic conditions.

Specialty Tea

Tea lovers who've walked through Mabroc's doors have returned time and time again; for one simple reason of experiencing the vivacious range of specialty teas offered by Mabroc. So take a moment to experience Mabroc's specialty teas, in the very words of world-renowned tea connoisseurs who have tasted, savoured and thus aided Mabroc's specialty teas to become the Legacy they are today.

Iced Tea

Mabroc's iced tea products, flavourful & thirst quenching, are freshly brewed using the finest and purest of Ceylon teas. Blended with exquisite flavours, enjoy a glass of Mabroc's iced tea on a hot summers day.

Gift Items

Offering an enchanting variety of gift products concealed within inimitable packaging, the Mabroc Gift Collection consists of unique handmade items. From wood, metal caddies, recycled paper products and porcelain products; the Gift Selection is crammed with an assortment of teas from Mabroc's versatile product portfolio.


We are bringing it all back home and introducing Mabroc to the Sri Lankan hospitality industry. Mabroc's Horeca range is offered with a wide variety of teaware coupled with a choice of unique teas fresh from our own plantations. Our service goes one step further with tea gifts at the rooms and a range of tools to enhance the tea experience

Bulk Tea

For the patron who owns machinery and only wishes to purchase the raw material from a reliable source who guarantees purity and quality; Mabroc's Bulk Packaging solution is the answer. The Company's capabilities are further consolidated by the state-of-the-art blending machines that enable the blending process to be fully automated, whereby impurities present in the Tea are identified and collected to ensure pristine quality. The machine also features a metal detector, vibrator sifter and a de-stoner placed at the tea feeding point to filter out such impurities, prior to tea feeding. Such meticulous attention to detail is the safeguard that warrants the final product is of a superior quality standard. Currently Mabroc provides bulk tea solutions to world renowned tea companies who in return supply the said teas to their elite clientele. From RTD (Ready ToDrink) manufacturing processes to self-packaging within the respective countries, Mabroc's Bulk teas are distributed & enjoyed the world over.

Private Label

With the proficiency of being able to pack private brands under the customer's name, Mabroc has crafted the art of handling private labeling over the years. Whether the client has an existing pack that needs a facelift or wishes to start the process from scratch; Mabroc is geared to handle any requirement within the sphere of private labeling. This is where Mabroc's experience is further illuminated as the expertise ranges from designing a pack to sizing and packaging. Mabroc therefore plays the role of a one-stop-shop by way of also providing timely advice on marketing & promotional strategies along with guidance for order management. Currently Mabroc serves a gamut of reputed private labeling clients the world over and has thus fortified their standing in this business vertical steadily.

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A New Range of Mouth Watering Private Label Coming Soon!
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