Mabroc's Own Labeling

Mabroc offers their own product range in attractive packaging that appeals to a broad spectrum of consumers the world over. Be it a Mediterranean zing with Mabroc's signature 1001 Nights, a tropical fruit fiesta that flaunts Sri Lanka's luscious dried fruits or even seasonal specialties concealed within alluring gift packs; Mabroc has got its base covered. From single garden unblended teas to an array of skillfully blended teas, Mabroc labeled products are appreciated the world over for their unique presentation, taste and adaptability.

Furthermore, all Teas come with the assurance of unmatched quality, taste and flavour as they are specially produced in Mabroc's very own plantations with meticulous attention to detail. Over the years, Mabroc has also mastered the art of developing unique recipes that explode with distinctive characteristics and representthe authenticity of the Company.

Private Labeling

With the proficiency of being able to pack private brands under the customer's name, Mabroc has crafted the art of handling private labeling over the years. Whether the client has an existing pack that needs a facelift or wishes to start the process from scratch; Mabroc is geared to handle any requirement within the sphere of private labeling. This is where Mabroc's experience is further illuminated as the expertise ranges from designing a pack to sizing and packaging. Mabroc therefore plays the role of a one-stop-shop by way of also providing timely advice on marketing & promotional strategies along with guidance for order management. Currently Mabroc serves a gamut of reputed private labeling clients the world over and has thus fortified their standing in this business vertical steadily.

Bulk Packaging

For the patron who owns machinery and only wishes to purchase the raw material from a reliable source who guarantees purity and quality; Mabroc's Bulk Packaging solution is the answer. The Company's capabilities are further consolidated by the state-of-the-art blending machines that enable the blending process to be fully automated, whereby impurities present in the Tea are identified and collected to ensure pristine quality. The machine also features a metal detector, vibrator sifter and a de-stoner placed at the tea feeding point to filter out such impurities, prior to tea feeding. Such meticulous attention to detail is the safeguard that warrants the final product is of a superior quality standard. Currently Mabroc provides bulk tea solutions to world renowned tea companies who in return supply the said teas to their elite clientele. From RTD (Ready ToDrink) manufacturing processes to self-packaging within the respective countries, Mabroc's Bulk teas are distributed & enjoyed the world over.

Standards and Value additions

Critical Control Points in production are identified and measures in place at all Factories, to ensure adherence to Food Safety Standards.

Superior product quality is maintained by operating to strict process parameters which begins at the field with monitoring of leaf count, leaf transport to control of withering, firing temperatures, moisture and grit content of teas etc.

We add further value to the produce from our tea gardens through our expertise and facilities before the product reaches our customers. Our team has nurtured the skill of creating the ideal blends which meet any customer's standard, leveraging on their collective experience close to 100 years in the industry.

Value additions at Mabroc

  • * Machine cleaning and re-packing of teas
  • * Machine blending
  • * Tea bagging and shelf ready packing
  • * Product testing
  • * Shipment logistics and documentation
  • * In-house development of packaging designs as per customer requirements

Our Tea Gardens

We offer teas of our own manufacture from 3 agro climatic regions in Sri Lanka starting with tea gardens situated at 38 metres up to 1950 metres above sea level, benefiting from both monsoon seasons in the island.

We have the unique capability of supplying black tea, green tea and instant teas from our own gardens.

Our teas are in conformance with the Japanese and European MRL Standards.

Traceability records on controlled chemical spraying of fields.

Prices of our high grown and low grown teas are ranked # 1 at the Colombo Tea Auctions for several years.