Fruity Range Tropical Sunset Black Tea 25 Bags

The finest Ceylon Black tea infused with the essence of a range of tropical fruits to transport you to the beach, where ever you may be.

Tips– Ideal to make desert toppings, simply brew 2 Tea bags in one go, allow it to cool down, add some Ice and top it with a scoop of Ice cream.

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Type of Tea: Fruit Tea
Tea Bag or Loose Tea: Tea Bag
Contents of Product Package: 25 Cotton Tea bags weighing 1.5g each individually packed into an envelope to maintain freshness.
Type of Tea bag (PT Tea bag, IMA Tea bag or Triangular Tea bag): PT
CBM (Cubic Measurement) per master carton: 0.0192
Number of Master cartons in a 20″ Container: 1,400
Number of Master cartons in a 40″ Container: 3,000
Number of Master cartons in a 40″ HC Container: 3,530