Rightfully celebrated as a legendary blend in the Ceylon tea industry, our signature ‘Night of 1000 Stars’ is a legend tea loved by tea-drinkers around the world for many decades. Our Legends Tea contains only the finest Ceylon black tea and green tea skillfully blended with delicate fruit and flower aromatics.


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Legends Range -Yala Nights , Infused With Fruits & Flowers 25 Tea Bags (4 Packs)

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Yala night is a creamy & heavy tea with an abundance of body. It’s grown in an area with a very high level of humidity that creates very heavy & creamy liquor. Yala night embodies a “lemonish” undertone that does not overwhelm the palate. It Instead creates an undeniable romance with the drinker.

One of our hallmark Tea blends, made using Black Tea as a base, to which flower petals and fruit pieces are added to complement one another. It will leave you wanting more.

Ingredients: Black Tea with a blend of fruit flavors and flower petals