Food Safety

Mabroc's affirmations towards food safety standards are apparent in the many certifications awarded to the Company.

Mabroc holds the latest of the 3 major Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Standards

The Company was also awarded the coveted FSSC 22000 Certification that is a combination of certifications such as ISO 22000, PAS 220 (ISO/TS 22002-1) and HACCP.

All of Mabroc's processes follow these stringent food safety standards. The storage facility and the Factory Premises are thus governed by international food safety standards while the Factory also comprises in-house laboratory testing facilities. Henceforth all teas received and exported are subjected to routine tests to affirm adherence to such protocols.


Mabroc is able to provide detailed Traceability Reports that can be traced back to the Tea Garden itself. This affords the Company a level of transparency that assures its clientele the highest level of purity and Tea that is produced under strict adherence to the Company's food safety standards.